How to share your DNA on Ancestry, MyHeritage, FindmyPast etc.

If you haven’t already, fill out the Client Agreement form to temporarily authorise myorigins.co.uk as per your specific instructions. If you need help with any of this I can set up accounts for you using your email and a temporary password but it will use up some of your purchased research time, just explain you need assistance in the form above and I will do the rest. Continue reading if you are comfortable taking the steps yourself:

For the best results, myorigins.co.uk primarily analyses results from the following three companies: Ancestry, LivingDNA,  23andMe. Of these three, only LivingDNA allows upload from just about anywhere. Its cheap and highly recommended as it adds a superior 21 region breakdown for Britain, based on access to firm British science from Oxford University. If you have no British DNA, Ancestry and 23andMe remain the best for regional Irish results outside of Northern Ireland. I strongly recommend if you have MyHeritage DNA that you also download it and then upload it to LivingDNA for free to get useful information from both providers.

You can also upload to other services such as FamilyTree DNA and GedMatch which offer at nominal cost extremely useful and unique additional value which will be added to you Deep Past report.   

Sharing your DNA results 

How to share AncestryDNA®

Appoint [email protected] as a Manager for the duration of your investigation if you want me to provide the full range of services.

Go to your ancestry profile and follow the instructions below.

  1. From any page on Ancestry, click the DNA tab and select Your DNA Results Summary
  2. From your DNA homepage, click Settings in the top-right corner.
  3. Scroll down to the Sharing Preferences section and click Change next to DNA Ethnicity and Matches.
  4. Click Add a person
  5. In the field that appears, enter the email address [email protected] or alternatively the Ancestry username myorigins
  6. Select Collaborator.  

DNA results can’t be moved from one account to another, or deleted.   

To add a manager:

Log into your portal. You need to log in using the email address you used to set up your account when you activated your kit at the very start.

Once you are on the dashboard of your portal, click the DNA Profiles section. You will find this on the left-hand side of the dashboard above Account. 

Within the DNA Profiles section, you will see all the tests in your account. Select the test you would like to add the Manager permission to. You can select this test by clicking on the name. 

Once within your DNA Profile scroll to the permissions section and select the Manager tab. 

You will be required to add the email address of the person who you wish to manage your test within the box. The person MUST already have a Living DNA account. 

You MUST press ‘save’ to save any changes. 

Once you have pressed save, the Manager will have access to your DNA profile through their account.

You can remove these permissions at any time. 

If you DO NOT have LivingDNA myorigins.co.uk highly recommends it, IF your ancestry is significantly Scottish, English, Northern Irish or Welsh. At present they do not have significant information for Ireland.   You do not need to make a purchase to be a Living DNA user, you can set up an account for free. Once you have an account you can upload your DNA for free and decide from there whether it is worth paying for their additional services. 

Within a few days you will be given basic regional DNA information which will let you know if it is worth paying to unlock the more advanced and detailed information they provide.  If you think it is then go here or click on the picture below. 



Click here or go to the Your Connections feature. Invite [email protected] to view your ancestry report. 

Click invite in the top right hand corner. The following box will pop up:

To stop sharing:

  1. Go to the Your Connections feature.
  2. Click on the gray gear icon located to the right of [email protected]rigins.co.uk
  3. Click the “Remove Connection” button.remove_connection.png

The main advantage of 23andMe is regional information in Ireland and a unique – and useful – service that provides a great conversation starter!



Family Tree DNA provides a cheap service which goes as far back as the earliest human occupants of Europe after the last Ice Age. 

Share FamilyTreeDNA

FTDNA is an advanced service that only allows sharing with your DNA matches.  Therefore myorigins.co.uk only uses information provided by the ancientOrigins feature in order to learn when your ancient ancestors most likely arrived in Britain or Europe. This information can help explain your tribal origins in Britain based on known tribes during the Roman occupation. 

To access the ancientOrigins feature:

  1. Sign in to your FTDNA account.
  2. On the navigation bar at the top of the page, click myDNA > Family Finder > ancientOrigins.

Take a screenshot or PDF print of your ancientOrigins results and email them to [email protected]

Alternatively just email your ancientOrigins information in text form. You can learn a huge amount about your early ancestors from the information provided by LivingDNA and FamilyTreeDNA.  A particularly high regional DNA on LivingDNA suggests the majority of your ancestors lived in the region concerned for thousands of years.  A high Hunter Gatherer genetic component means they likely arrived in Britain or Ireland shortly after the last Ice Age; they may have even been the descendants of climate refugees forced out for tens of thousands of years by the ice sheets.

Share Gedmatch

Gedmatch adds an additional layer of value because it can break down your ancient and early DNA into regions. If you are using it or decide to use it, please send me a screen grab or PDF print of your results from the following 1 minute tests, Eurogenes K13 and Eurogenes K36 test. 

As you can see DNA is a game changer and can compliment and confirm records and family knowledge. Choose your DNA provider/s wisely and decide whether to delete your results online once you have fully explored the information it provides. I can massively speed up that process but the DNA remains on the secure server of your provider and you can remove my access as soon as the research is done.

Any further questions, get in touch providing all the required details. You can also read more about these types of services here

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