How to Use

There are 5 options available for purchase on myorigins. Everything can be bought individually or combined into a custom package to meet your specific needs. You can get help on your own research or sit back and let your personal genealogist use state-of-the art techniques to discover and verify everything there is to know about your family history.


Tree Grower is the best way to commission research into individuals or multiple generations of your family. The information will be stored for free on Ancestry but you can move it anywhere you like by downloading the information to your computer. 10 hours of research can generally explore a century or more of records or provide substantial help verifying and growing any existing research you have carried out.

Record Finder pays for available permanent copies of key family documents in official archives across the English speaking world and any additional original records obtained from other reputable genealogical sources. While government records will be purchased directly, most online services require a monthly subscription for access to their documents. Record Finder finds and permanently stores these documents so you do not have to pay fees for access to your family records.

Deep Past is a state-of-the-art analysis of DNA results you temporarily share from your service provider. It will save you countless hours by finding genetic nuggets often buried deep in the information provided to you. If you have AncestryDNA your can also get an enhanced version which makes it much easier to contact your key DNA matches who share direct ancestors.

Heirloom will deliver to your door an archival quality family history book packed with enhanced stories, relevant history and DNA information (if provided). It comes in 60, 120 and 180 page options. It’s the best way to protect your family story for generations to come.

Family Photo Book is a professionally designed and built book based on photos you provide. Made to your specifications and built to last generations, it comes in 30 and 60 page options.

Note: myorigins can find ancestors of any ethnicity with traceable records who have lived in the English speaking world over the last two centuries. Before that point, our expertise is in the records of people who lived in the United States, United Kingdom or the former British Empire. We have also had success with German and Jewish ancestry, particularly with refugees who lived in the UK after 1841 who were picked up by a census or other records. For family records outside of the English speaking world please get in touch for a free assessment.