Records Only: 10 hours add to an existing online tree

Records Only: 10 hours add to an existing online tree


10 hours / 1 day research

Already have a mature Family Tree online? Do you just need your ancestors actual documents from archives in Britain and Ireland and permanent copies of records on Ancestry, MyHeritage, findmypast & FamilySearch? I’ll save you countless hours. What I find is yours to keep for free, no more subscription fees.



The so called ‘big four’ ancestry, myheritage, Findmypast and FamilySearch are great but they don’t store your records without an expensive monthly or annual subscription. Many clients say they learned this the hard way. Everything these sites have to offer is included in the price, work out the saving on that over time! I’ll also search and download your family’s actual records from official archives in Britain and Ireland, many of which are not available outside of government agencies.

Upgrade to Deep Past to add analysis of your DNA results, get clues on uncertain lineage and trace your ancient local origins inside Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales.

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Allow up to 4 weeks for completion.  Records are subject to change until I sign off on the information. You can watch the process online.