DNA Report (only)

DNA Report (only)


What you get:
  • Deep Past Report (example) DNA Report (Only) does not include family tree information but is otherwise identical to this example.

Overwhelmed by all the information in your DNA results? I’ll give it my expert eye; leave me to do the hard work and find out everything you need to know.  Upgrade to the full Deep Past service to have a verified family tree built on your behalf, add all available records and cross reference with your DNA results.




Anyone with deep ancestry in Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales can probably learn where their ancestors lived in the ancient kingdoms that existed in the 6th century.

I provide historical and cultural context, personal relevance and expert analysis of variations in your DNA results. As far as tests go, I recommend Ancestry for your main test followed by an upload of their data to Living DNA to get a regional breakdown inside the U.K. if your roots are strong there.

If you want me to build your family tree, find your ancestors records,  explore your DNA matches and link to an advanced level upgrade to Deep Past


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