DNA Only: 10 hours analysis of your results

DNA Only: 10 hours analysis of your results


10 hours / 1 days research 

Overwhelmed by all the information in your DNA results? I’ll give it my expert eye; leave me to do the hard work and find out everything you need to know. I’ll track your DNA down to the local level and add all the historic context you need; information that can help you understand where you live today, even if it is on the other side of the world.



Anyone with deep ancestry in Britain and Ireland can probably learn where their ancestors lived in the ancient kingdoms that existed in the 6th century.  Are you related to the Picts, ancient Britons, Anglo Saxons or the Celts of the five ancient Irish kingdoms?

I provide context, relevance and expert analysis of your DNA results, matching them to records and family names so you have a detailed picture of your origins from the present day to the distant past. As far as tests go, I recommend Living DNA for the best detail on local roots inside the U.K.,  while Ancestry is good for Ireland and for solving family mysteries through DNA relatives.

For significant additional value upload your DNA to services such as Familytree DNA’s ancientOrigins and Gedmatch and share the results with me. These will take you even further back;  you will learn if your ancestors were early hunter gatherers who entered Britain and Ireland as the ice sheets melted or if they arrived thousands of years later among the early farmers or even later, in the Bronze Age as skilled metal workers.

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DNA analysis only will be delivered to your email as a PDF within 4 weeks. 


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