Deep Past | Learn everything worth knowing about your DNA results

Deep Past | Learn everything worth knowing about your DNA results


Exploring your DNA results can be a lengthy, frustrating and even disappointing business as there is often so much information it’s hard to find the buried genetic nuggets. I’ll use Deep Past to save you countless hours and find what’s important; the Deep Past report will tell you everything you need to know based on state-of-the-art analysis by your personal genealogist. Your pioneering Deep Past Report will include centuries of your family’s history; tracing your genetic heritage from modern times to the kingdoms of the deep past. To begin, choose an option below.




For the best results, analyses results from the following three companies only: Ancestry, LivingDNA,  23andMe. They are currently best for tracing as far back as the 6th century kingdoms of the Britons, Irish, Scots & Anglo-Saxons. They have also proven useful for Jewish and continental European roots.

If you do not have DNA results from these providers please upload your existing DNA results (from myheritage for example) to LivingDNA to get access to 21 regions in Britain. For Ireland, Ancestry and 23andMe remain best for local results, neither allows uploads from elsewhere.

Deep Past works best with an online family tree as a reference point to confirm your genetic ancestors. Please share your family tree after purchase by following the instructions here  If you do not have an online tree you have the option of adding Tree Grower to your purchase to have a professional one built for you and stored for free on Ancestry.

To learn how to securely share your DNA results after purchase please go here

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