Tree Grower: 10 hours Full Tree / Daily Research Rate

Tree Grower: 10 hours Full Tree / Daily Research Rate


I specialize in tracing your ancestors verifiable records back as far as they can go on all lines.  If you live outside of Britain and Ireland I will find and verify your path back to Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales. Tree Grower works best with verified details on your grandparents or even better great grandparents. This is also the daily rate and best option for client guided genealogical investigations.



I use to build and grow a private copy of your family tree. It becomes your property once I am done. Tree Grower will provide official reference numbers for further research but if you want digital copies of your ancestors actual records, upgrade to Record Keeper which includes the cost of document purchase from official archives, permanent copies of records held by Ancestry, MyHeritage and findmypast, as well as an additional day of research.

Visit the FAQ section to learn how to use this service.

Allow up to 4 weeks for completion but you can watch your tree being put together online. Until I have verified and signed off on the finished tree, it is subject to change.

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