I came across Myorigins while searching for my McCabe ancestry on Google. At the time, I had run into dead ends on both my YDNA side (father's side) and my mtDNA side (mother's side). I decided to use Myorigin's services to see if there was anything that could be revealed. Surprisingly, Myorigins made a discovery finding out while the names of the records that I was searching were correct, the actual person was different. This had been a task that I had worked on for many years and a rut that I was not able to get out of. Myorigin's fair price for services saved me a lot of time and money. I would highly recommend using Myorigins as they provide exceptional results.

Jeremiah O'Neal

San Diego, California

Mark and his wife Niamh have been the most incredible, knowledgeable, efficient and trustworthy people I have ever had the pleasure to deal with.  My hubby and I found ourselves very unexpectedly without work when the company we work for closed.  Besides applying for positions worldwide, we were very unsuccessful with the UK due to not being eligible to work there.  I knew however I wasn't sure if I had UK ancestors and decided to spend the money on their services out of desperation.  Well, every cent was worth it!  I have all the family tree history I need as well as the documentation!  They have been life savers!  Literally!!  Their knowledge is absolutely next, next, next level, their efficiency as well as being completely and utterly so awesome to work with, they have been super helpful, always having alternatives and last resort suggestions and solutions too which weren't needed as I got everything I needed going back to 1869!!!  Incredible!  So grateful and impressed.  Absolute Gurus!!

Natasha Cernecca

Cape Town, South Africa

I engaged Mark Connolly of My Origins to help me reach closure on my family history research. I had been tracking this off and on over the past four years and with my Irish background became somewhat frustrated with the dead ends I reached. Upon exploring Mark’s website and deciding to “dip my toe in the water”, it was an easy decision to make in extending Mark’s engagement to compiling my full family tree and history along with associated historical events coinciding with my ancestor’s lives. The result; a publication for the ages that will stand the test of time. A piece of work that will be handed down through the generations to our son, our new granddaughter and generations that follow. Back to my seventh great grandfather, an achievement I had no pretence to be able to reach on my own. Sadly, our youngest son passed away whilst Mark was still working on my project and the sensitivity with which he handled that was wonderful. He added a dedication page to our Son, Darren, at the start and the end of the 120-page book and for that we are eternally grateful. I heartily recommend to those of you who are seeking out a thorough work-up of your family history by a professional, that you do not go past Mark Connolly and My Origins. You will be forever pleased with the result.

Bryan McNally

Retired Manager, Melbourne, Australia

I knew a lot already, my family has been doing research since my grandfather.  Mark is a family history detective.  He turns names in a family bible into people sitting in the chair opposite you. He is a historian and page-turning storyteller, employ him - simple as that, no matter how much you think you know.

David Anderson

New Zealand

“Mark has a unique background that serves him so well in geneological research. His two decades living and working in journalism in North America gives him knowledge about immigration patterns from the old world to the new over the last 300 years. And, where to find family records in both.  But, what really especially impresses is his intimate knowledge of the history of Scotland especially but the British Isles and Ireland as a whole. He can figure out why an ancestor likely relocated or had a change of circumstance based on his encyclopedic knowledge of local, regional and national social and political history. His ability to figure out why something happened - on top of records confirming it did - is stunning”

Ken Dodd

Retired TV News & Sports Senior Producer, Toronto

“I'm amazed he could find out what he found. So much stuff. I don't need an ancestry subscription right now as he confirmed and then discovered more direct relatives going back hundreds of years. He also uploaded copies of their original parish records to ancestry for me and explained how DNA linked me to the Anglo Saxons and the city of Durham in the North of England”

Mary-Jo Carter

Theatre Designer, Stratford, Ontario

This far exceeded my expectations. I'm second generation Canadian but my ancestors are originally from England and Scotland. Mark confirmed and discovered many new family stories. His book is deeply personal and wonderfully put together. He explained why my grandparents moved when they did and much more. This book was an instant family treasure. It's fantastic quality but an absolute bargain compared to similar offerings by the big ancestry companies. He has done my family a huge service for generations to come. Thank you.

David Strachan

Tourism industry, Vancouver, British Columbia

“You're amazing! Finding the time was impossible but Mark did the groundwork for me. He built my tree, added amazing records and turned my DNA results into English. I know where my ancestors lived, where their descendants moved around the world and why- they were Jacobites! I've never felt so grounded. We now know where we come from and my children and their children... will be all the better for it. Thank you.”

Janet Gilmour

Mature Student, Inverness, Scotland

My father returned to his mother's homeland shortly after she died 30 years ago. He knocked door to door and visited the archives in Edinburgh. He passed long before he could see this sadly. Thanks to you we now know how much he was right about our family. His writing and notes were in the attic, now they're in our beautiful family book. Thanks for helping pass on dad's hard work to the next generation and showing that family stories even the oldest shouldn't be ignored. Really, this is something special, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jackie Long

Asheville, North Carolina

Life changer. I was overwhelmed by all the information on myheritage. Thanks to you our family story is clear, we feel even more connected. You got the records for Maryland as well as tracing back to Liverpool and Ireland. We've still to take the DNA tests but when we do we know where to come. Thanks again

Penny Cowan

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