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Do I have to be in Britain or Ireland to use your services?

No. will locate all traceable lines of your direct ancestors in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United States in addition to any documents in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Contact me here if your records are not in any of these countries.

I have an online tree already, why do I need

You can commission 3, 5 or 10 hours of help verifying or adding value to your existing tree.

There are two related services which can help:

Tree Grower which will build a professional tree for you based on information you provide.

Record Keeper will find key records on Ancestry, MyHeritage, FindmyPast and in official archives and store them permanently in your family tree.

Read here to learn how to share an existing family tree with

I don’t have an online tree

Tree Grower is made for you and it suits any budget. Tell me what you know and I will do the rest. Read here to learn how.

I have my DNA results already, why do I need you?

If you are satisfied with your DNA results I can include the information in a permanent archive quality book which will last generations. If you are not satisfied with the information in your results, Deep Past can add massive additional value as you can see from this example DNA Report.

Read how to securely share your DNA here as per your provider/s rules and instructions.

Do you offer any services which are not online?

Yes. can make two different types of high quality book for you and ship them to any address worldwide.

Family Photo Book | Colourise Black & White

Heirloom | Family History Book

How do your prices compare with others?

Please shop around to discover that offers state-of-the-art services and extremely good value. Read here to learn more about prices charged by providers of a similarly high quality.

Do you have more questions or need advice?

Enter your query in the search box or fill out this form and I will be in touch

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