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“Mark has a unique background that serves him so well in geneological research. His two decades living and working in journalism in North America gives him knowledge about immigration patterns from the old world to the new over the last 300 years. And, where to find family records in both.  But, what really especially impresses is his intimate knowledge of the history of Scotland especially but the British Isles and Ireland as a whole. He can figure out why an ancestor likely relocated or had a change of circumstance based on his encyclopedic knowledge of local, regional and national social and political history. His ability to figure out why something happened – on top of records confirming it did – is stunning”

Ken Dodd

Retired TV News & Sports Senior Producer

“I’m amazed he could find out what he found. So much stuff. I don’t need an ancestry subscription right now as he confirmed and then discovered more direct relatives going back hundreds of years. He also uploaded copies of their original parish records to ancestry for me and explained how DNA linked me to the Anglo Saxons and the city of Durham in the North of England”

Mary-Jo Carter

Theatre Designer

“You’re amazing! Finding the time was impossible but Mark did the groundwork for me. He built my tree, added amazing records and turned my DNA results into English. I know where my ancestors lived, where their descendants moved around the world and why- they were Jacobites! I’ve never felt so grounded. We now know where we come from and my children and their children… will be all the better for it. Thank you.”

Janet Gilmour

Mature Student

or·​i·​gin | ‘ȯr-ə-jən’

Noun: The point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived