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Your ancestors tales through records, DNA analysis and a family history book

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“I’m amazed he could find out what he found. So much stuff. I don’t need an ancestry subscription right now as he confirmed and then discovered more direct relatives going back hundreds of years. He also uploaded copies of their original parish records to ancestry for me and explained how DNA linked me to the Anglo Saxons and the city of Durham in the North of England”

Mary-Jo Carter

Theatre Designer

Life changer. I was overwhelmed by all the information on myheritage. Thanks to you our family story is clear, we feel even more connected. You got the records for Maryland as well as tracing back to Liverpool and Ireland. We’ve still to take the DNA tests but when we do we know where to come. Thanks again

Penny Cowan

Mama Bear

My father returned to his mother’s homeland shortly after she died 30 years ago. He knocked door to door and visited the archives in Edinburgh. He passed long before he could see this sadly. Thanks to you we now know how much he was right about our family. His writing and notes were in the attic, now they’re in our beautiful family book. Thanks for helping pass on dad’s hard work to the next generation and showing that family stories even the oldest shouldn’t be ignored. Really, this is something special, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Jackie Long

Asheville, NC

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