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Save countless hours and learn everything you need to know about your genetic origins based on state-of-the-art professional analysis of your DNA results. Your pioneering Deep Past Report will include centuries of your family’s history. You can purchase one of two options below:

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For the best results, myorigins analyses results from the following: AncestryDNA, LivingDNA,  23andMe. Of these three, only LivingDNA allows free upload of your results from elsewhere. Its highly recommended as it includes 8 regions of the world and adds a superior 21 region breakdown for Britain.

Deep Past Professional DNA Analysis tutorial

Thank you to American client  J. O’Neal for permitting use of his report below:

Deep Past DNA Report

Deep Past Professional DNA Report Video Summary

At no point will myorigins be able to download, delete or otherwise store your data which remains under your control via the privacy rules governing your DNA provider/s.

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